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G1WY One head liquid filling machine
The mode G1WY is a product innovated and upgraded on the basis of this companies seriesproducts and introduced foreign advanced filling machine technology.The product is simple and reasonable in design,high in accuracy and easy in operation.
Suitable for filling liquid in the industries of pharmaceutics,daily chemicals,foodstuffs,cosmetics,pesticide and special trades.With no need power supply,the machine is safe and with the personalized design,can meet the modern enterprises requirments.
This machine is the semi-automatic double piston liquid filling machine,improving the work efficiency.
This machine resonable in design,smart in model,easy to operate,the pneumatic part adopts the pneumatic components of Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTacSHAKO
The part contacting materials is made of 316L stainless steel.
With adjustment handle of filling volume,the filling speed can be adjusted at will,with hgih filing accuracy.
Filling head adopts anti-leakage,anti-pull and with diving filling device.With special three-link filling valve,under the action of piston reprocating movement,it can reach the aim of filling.As piston twitching,the materail-conveying valve opening to fill.
 Powe supply
220/110V 50/60HZ
Air pressure
 Filling speed
5-20 Bottles/min
Filling accuracy
Filing volumes range
5-100ml 10-280ml 20-500ml 100ml-1000ml