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Precision type semi-automatic strapping machine
1.The world's first fixed-length and two tension constant force mode;
2.Lightweight structural design, simple operation;
3.Stability, performance, unique noise reduction effect, pay more attention to energy saving;
4.Prototype continuous operation before 1 million times without failure for mass production
Machine Dimensions:
D56 785mm*545mm*750mm
D55 Desktop: 485 * 410 * 226.5mm(body)775.5*410*226.5mm(full size)
D55LB785mm*545mm*340mm(body)1455mm*545mm*628mm(full size)
D56About 65KG
D55 Desktop Machine weight:about 30kg
D55LB product weight:about 55KG
1. packing size: the largest unlimited, the minimum width of 100mm * 30mm high
2.Tight bundle method: fixed-length method (for bind tightly to the ultra-weak, weak commodity), tied tightly to the adjustable minimum force 5N (about 0.5kgf)
3.  Constant force mode :Suitable for Tied tight force from midium to  strong in the commodity, the largest power adjustable tie tight to 400N (about 40kgf)
4. bonding methods: thermal welding methods
5. Packaging speed :1.5pc / seconds
6. strap size :5-15 .5 mm
7. power supply: single phase 220V 50HZ 0.4KW