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LBY50 Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labelling Machine
■Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labelling Machine is suitable for columniform packing object or columiform object,  cone-shape object can be customized
■special bottle can be customized
■ink jet printer can be customized installing
technic paramter:
■ Machine Size  570(L)×250(W)×500(H)mm
■ Output Speeed 20-50pcs/min
■ Hight Label Object(mm)) 30-200mm
■ Is suitable the bottle diameter)30-90mm
■ Label Hight 15-140mm
■Label Length 25-300mm
■ Pastes the sign precision ±0.5mm
■ Roll inside 76mm
■ Roll Outside Diameter) 300mm
■ Power Supply  220V 0.2KW 50/60HZ
■ printer using air supply:5Kg/cm
■ weight:25Gg
■synchronous belt
■sponge wheel
■opper letter/steel letter
■self-adhesive label
matching products:
■ink jet printer(max speed is 50 bottles/min)
■hot steel letters pringting machine(can be customized
■transparent lable monitor
this machine is our standard machine,special design can be made according to customer’s demand