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Side  automatic packing machine
XN-103A Automatic Packing Machine side ( side standard balers)
Cikuan packer pricing is reasonable, suitable for liquid, powder falling objects, can be highly customized according to user needs, strapping fast, efficient: only 2.5 seconds per bale. Instant heating pack immediately: first melt-speed thermal system design, low voltage only 1v safe. Automatic stopping devices, power utility: no longer than 60 seconds operation, the motor will automatically stop, go on standby. Electromagnetic clutch, fast and smooth: even the shaft drive, fast speed, silent operation, wear a small, low failure rate. This automatic packing machine affordable, widely applied where.
Quality of the PLC control to run the time accurate to a millisecond, but can be adjusted on site to ensure that the special packaging assembly line speed; four kinds of packaging methods to ensure the you all sorts of packaging requirements; package with scope: thickness can be 0.55mm ~ 1.2mm, straightness deviation of 15% per meter in 30%, width 9mm ~ 15mm, also a special set; harsh environment can guarantee good characteristics, temperature -15 degrees to 45 degrees. Humidity 10-90% and severe dust. Automatic packer price quote is not high

Technical parameters:
380V/50HZ 750W/5A
Strapping speed:
Height of profile:
determined according to need
Frame size:
determined according to need
hot sticky position:
Strapping style:
1 parallel multi-channel, means a little action, manually even play, even playing the ball switch, foot switch
Applicable strap size:
Electrical configuration:
LG "PLC" control, French "TE", Japanese "OMRON", "ZIK" appliances for large objects packing is more suitable for a liquid, powder packing goods fall