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XN -200A Fully Automatic Strapping Machine (Standard Type)            

                                                                                      1. The brass tape guide roller can effectively solve the wearing problem of ordinary plastic tape guide rollers and PP belt blocks.
2. It uses a high-intensity blade with a hardness of 65, greatly increasing the capacity of the cutting belt and the service life of the blade.
3. It uses resin casters, which facilitates mechanical movement and will not be deformed under the weight of a long-time load.
4. The body housing is composed of a combined structure, so the size of the bow frame can be determined according to the sizes of the goods.
5. All the parts are precisely processed by CNC processing equipment, which greatly ensures the firmness and unified connection movements of the parts.
Fully automatic packing machine (standard type)
6. The modular aluminum bow frame is easy to dismantle and install.
7. There are several convenient automatic operation modes for turning the machine on/off, including manual, automatic, work bench and foot switch.
Arch Size: W850mm H600mm
Table Height: 820mm
PP-bandwidth :9-18 mm
Strapping Speed: 2 sec./strap
Power Supply: 1PH: 100V-240V (50/60Hz)
            3PH: 200V-480V (50/60Hz)
Dimensions: (W) 1410mm (D) 600mm (H) 1500mm
Weight: 230Kgs
Note: The arch size can be made according to customer requirements