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High-profile automatic packing machine
Feature: XN-MH101A automatic strapping machine (the high-profile standard) can be automatically packaged, but the table without power, need to manually push of packaging materials to pass packer. The principle is the use of the packer, PP belt tied tightly products or packages, and then tighten both ends of the thermal effect and melting or use of covered buttons and other materials connected to the machine. Plastic strapping PP function is to be bundled with energy close to the surface of the package to ensure that packages in the transport, storage is not due to binding is not strong and scattered, while also binding tidy. Binding Machine Price: automatic or fully automatic strapping machine strapping price quote is more than twice the semi-automatic equipment. Standard automatic strapping machine series products to tie a continuous and reliable plastic packages with closely aligns the surface, the joint firm, the machine electrical safety, noise, smoke and other work does not affect the health of operators. XN-MH101A automatic strapping machine has the following characteristics: Clamshell panel, maintenance, protection, support convenience. New electric devices, heating speed, long life. Single-chip power control, full-featured, easy to use. With optional automatic feed device. Fully automatic strapping machine prices high. The strapping machine for food, medicine, hardware industries carton packaging, wooden packaging, paper packaging and other small goods, automatic strapping .

Technical parameters:

380V/50HZ 750W/5A
Strapping speed:
Hight of profile:
Frame Size:
Width:800mm ,the height can be designed follow requirement
Binding form:
1 parallel multi-channel, means a little move, manually, and even hit the ball switch, foot switch
The right strap:
Thickness (0.55 ~ 1.2) mm * width (9 ~ 15) mm
Electrical Configuration:
LG "PLC" control, French "TE", Japanese "OMRON", "ZIK" appliances, packing objects for conventional