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XN-101B automatic strapping machine (low-standard type)
The machine designed for bulky, heavy goods packing and design, solid shell, desktop can withstand the pressure 1000KG. Strapping Machine host rugged, oil-free style, easy to maintain. The machine can be automatically packed, but table without power, must manually push the packaging materials, product packaging equipment can be adopted. High per customer table set for a high degree of transmission lines, in addition to automatic strapping machine (automatic strapping machine) also has the following characteristics:
Excellent PLC control to run the time accurate to a millisecond, but can be adjusted on site to ensure that the special packaging assembly line speed.
Four kinds of packaging a variety of ways to ensure your packaging requirements.
Packet with the application: thickness can be 0.55mm ~ 1.2mm, straightness deviation of 15% per meter in 30%, width 9mm ~ 15mm, can also be a special set.
Harsh environment can guarantee good characteristics, temperature -15 degrees to 45 degrees. Humidity of 10-90% and severe dust.
Package with low cost than the existing market with a fully automatic strapping machine using the package costs 30-50%.
Strapping machine Price: automatic strapping machine price, high price, automatic strapping machine
Technical parameters:

380V/50HZ 750W/5A
Strapping speed:
Height of standard:
450mm(can do follow clients’ specific request)
Frame size:
Width:800mm*hight can be done follow clients’ specific request
Strapping style:
1 parallel multi-channel, means a little move, manually, and even hit the ball switch, foot switch
Right strap size:
Electrical configuration:
LG "PLC" control, French "TE", Japanese "OMRON", "ZIK" appliances for large volume, heavy-duty packaging bundle