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Semi-automatic baler Knowledge Q&A

Source:本站原创    Posttime:2010-2-3 14:08:49
Q: when strapping, the strap was cut, but not be heated, if press the strap,it is ok, is it broken?
A:1. In general, the extension there are four screws, the top two, the following two, which will have Manduo gear there, the general condition
If the income is not cut band after band, it will be the following two to be adjusted upwards, but not too tight, also slightly above the 2 to the transfer.
2. TD switch damage can be below the two mentioned above have been raised whether the cut to the belt, if the TD to open
Guan is a good, if not, then, TD to be replaced.
3. LS5-point switch bad
4. Inappropriate location of origin, it would little difficult to tune the
Q: when does baler out with too long strap?
A: You can control instructions to adjust the above might be a button if there are no voltage is too low, the length controller bad, screw adjustment is too low, the length position controller is not transferred to adapt.
Q: why does the high terrance balers sometimes can not cut, no band, no tighten?
A: First: check whether the fire insurance.
Second: Check whether the plc board are bad, if it is a new machine, we should focus check, because if there is a new machine at the same time can not be cut, not into the band, the phenomenon can not be tight with a control system is likely to be a problem. Check is based on instructions in the calibration of the output voltage measured with the multimeter plc board about the export of the corresponding voltage
Third: If it is an old machine, and I think we should look to replace the corresponding parts of the, such as the cutter and so on.