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maintenance for semi-automatic strapping machine

Source:本站原创    Posttime:2010-2-3 14:42:40
ⅠWhen not automatically sent with strap
1. Get with the length of the control potentiometer on zero.
Sent with a length of the control potentiometer on the front panel switch plates from the second position on the left. Clockwise to adjust, then out with a short length of long and vice versa; if the zero position is not band.
2. Wear a belt is not correct.
Open the right door, in accordance with the instructions marked on the fifth page of the "wear a belt course of law" or the right door sorrowful band diagram of the wear, the correct belt to wear.
3. A foreign body within the upper and lower ext.
Machines long-term use, but also failed to clean and maintain, leading to accumulation within the machine are stolen, so get comfortable with not smooth, there should be more for cleaning and maintenance.
4. Sent with wheel gap is not correct.
A pair of delivery rollers with the gap between the size of a normal delivery with a critical gap adjustment of the light of the instructions manual, p. 10. Fine-tuning, transferred to get clearance with a roller belt is only the thickness of more than 0.05 ~ 1mm, when you can.
5. Choice of PP with a thick or too thin.
PP belt manufacturer because there are many inconsistencies in thickness, should be required to use; if not please follow the instructions on pages tenth methods, to send back with a scroll wheel fine-tuning of the gap.
6. Solenoid not working properly.
Electromagnet does not work. First check whether the solenoid connection joints off, and then check the coil is burned out. If both are no exception, should check whether the shift solenoid, or has been stolen blocked, so that bullet can not so easily.
Ⅱ. Reclaim belt.
1. A foreign body within the upper and lower ext.
Of a foreign body within the upper and lower extension or fixed conduction band piece countersunk head screws loose, stuck packing tape. Remove the foreign matter on the extension removed.
2. Bar 635 bearing broken.
Equilibrium position bar to adjust properly, will easily lead to broken rails caused. Manual adjustments should be the right place.
3. Back with a clearance incorrectly.
As the back wheel with a taut band with a role in the adjustment of advance and retreat with a roller gap, we should be back with a roller mainly transferred to retire with a roller gap more than the tape thickness 0.05 to 0.1mm.
3. Does not automatically cut zone.
Ⅲ The knife bearing broken.
Check the reasons for replacement of bearings
2. The knife wear. .
Both sides of knife edge, while on the other side of the use of a replaceable wear and tear or replacement of a new knife.
3. In the management and marketing tool breakage.
Broken out with a small pin punch, filling the new management and marketing.
4. Tied too tightly compact power transfer.
Adjust the nut on top of a Hexagon set screws, release the nut counter-clockwise rotation will be adjusted, after a good tune, and then Hexagon set screws tightened.
5. Skid plates or tied tight drive belt of oil.
Remove the slip sheet removal oil, dried and then assembled in order.
6. Drive belt is too loose.
Transmission frame seat (earth god) to cut or transfer motor backward, so that belt tension can be.
7.PP with a thickness of retirement with a roller gap is too thin or too big.
Back with a roller gap should only be more than the tape thickness 0.05-0.1mm, click here to request adjustments.
8. Magnetron (cut with a sensor) the failure, disk off or damaged.
9. Bar the position of equilibrium is not a good tune.
Ⅳ Adhesive is ineffective
1. Temperature control knob improperly adjusted.
In the machine electrical control box, circuit board at the top, open the control lid, you can clearly see an adjustment knob clockwise rotation increases the temperature adjustment and vice versa reduced. The temperature is too high or too low, bonding effects are not good, so one should not transfer too much, the general emphasis on the scale line can be between 4-5.
2. Power supply voltage is not normal.
The machine should use the 220V voltage. Many factories are often inadequate voltage, if the re-use a long cable will result in voltage drops to make soup the temperature change is low, even when burned in the tied tight motor.
3. Electrothermal the hands of the strange tension spring failure.
Electric strange hands long tension spring fatigue. This can not be hot the first two layers of packing tape sent to the upper and lower adhesion between the lead by half, or less.
4. Hot head position adjustment inappropriate.
Hot head too high, too low or the left, right, collide with the packing tape or tools can not be packaged with two pairs of upper and lower heating should be adjusted according to the situation.
5. The knife bearing broken.
A knife bearing burst, and so can not be on the top, pressed packing tape to make it binding.
6. Machine too hot.
Micro-failure of exhaust fan, making the machine too hot.
7. Scalding hot head resistant to failure.
Check whether the fracture resistance hotline burn, such as loose nuts should be tightened.
8. Tied too tight power of tone.
Appropriate adjustments to force tied tight.
V. Inserted with without action
1.LS1 micro-switch failure.
LS1 on the slide below the micro-switch failure or shrapnel was blocked foreign body, but can not touch the contact
2.LS5 micro switch failures.
LS5 at zero, the contact is not closed, that is, do not send tapes, inserted with no action.
3. Clutch big gap.
4. Relay poor contact
Relay connection is bad, check the relay RL-1, 2,3.
Ⅵ. Continuous Action
1.LS1 fault
LS1 failed to open up access to re-adjust the shrapnel gap.
2.LS1 fault
LS1 although not failure, but the contacts and shrapnel stuck between a stolen goods.
3.LS4 fault
LS4 delays, micro-switch contacts can not open up.
4. Clutch gap is too small.
Canadian gasket.
5.LS3, LS5 failure.
6.TD failure.
7. Is not tied tight or cut off (to play the great circle)
Ⅶ. Tied too tight power
Large bundle of tight power transfer.
2.LS3, LS5 improperly located.
Adjust the LS3, LS5 switch position
3. Magnetron bad TD
8. Tied tight power of small
Ⅷ. Bar the position of equilibrium is not a good tune.
2. Back pulley big gap.
3. Tied tight belt wheel and friction plate loose.
4. Transmission belt loose.
5. Electromagnetic clutch is not enough suction.
6. Connecting the upper and lower extension shaft loose.
7. Under the extension to install tilt.
9. Light to tighten the no-cut zone.
Ⅸ. Magnetron TD damaged or loose
Replaced with new parts, or re-installation; magnetic connection to the LS-5 or LS-5 undocked from failure.
2. Disk pros and cons of the wrong equipment.
3. Friction within the oil.
4. Back with a big wheel gap.
5. Tied too tight edge.