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Safty information for wrapping machine

Source:本站原创    Posttime:2010-2-3 14:49:56
Because the structure of winding machine and contraction than the baler machine complex, so the use of security also requires relatively high. Qingdao AXIOMTEK under long-term sales, maintenance, the experience of winding machine, simple to talk about the safe use of winding machine.
1. To prohibit the testing DC motor control panel, as well as between the PLC input point and the ground voltage.
2. Be sure to read carefully before operating inverter frequency random manual.
3. Winding machine normally used to connect the various parts of the machine periodically checks whether the public or comes off, if must be fastened.
4. Forbidden to move or remove the upper and lower blocks of a fixed limit
5. Winding machine turntable should be run in a clockwise direction.
6. Thin-film system, the following non-stop, or stack of any object.
7. Film system transfer roller rotates inward reaching or stretching is prohibited other objects to prevent damage rubber roller or fingers.
8. Is prohibited during operation the chain stretched its hands into the vicinity of maintenance or inspection, or other operations, to prevent the injured hand.
9. Winding machine running when the operator should stand a certain distance away from the turntable a safe place, a working process is complete, the machine stopped again close to the machine to prevent the cargo scattered wounding, if necessary, should be installed security isolation network (owned or Also custom-made).
10. Shall be solid ground or receive a zero (zero to not be mixed access), to prevent leakage damage the machine or personnel.
11. Winding machine moved away from the original location should be re-installed and tested professionals, machinery, and to determine safe before use.
12. Periodic inspection of electrical and electrical connections, clean electrical cabinet