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Unboxing,installatioon and testing for wrapping machine

Source:本站原创    Posttime:2010-2-4 10:13:15
wrapping machine is also called winding machine,let us introduce  Unboxing,installatioon and testing for wrapping machine
1. Winding machine arrived at the scene, check the packing list included in machinery and spare parts, accessories whether the Qi, the machine is damaged in transit. (If not complete or is damaged, immediately to the transport sector representations or contact with the shipper).
2. Make sure you are using on the winding machine in line with the requirements of your order
3. According to the designated location box to open (be careful not to damage to the machines), in accordance with random packing list screening devices and random accessories.
4. Detailed instructions read the wrapping machine to carry out installation, commissioning and use.
5. Winding machine equipment should be installed with no dust, non-flammable and explosive chemical agents and its machines have a more corrosive effect of the material in dry indoor environment, the temperature -10-40 ℃, non-condensing.
6. Will be part of the winding machine of the wheel on the flat ground, the film-oriented columns and turntable parts of the system connected. Slopes (annex, sold separately) installed on the turntable at the same horizontal plane, should facilitate or unloading the goods have been put in the work place, pay attention to location and with the wheel gap, can be installed after the expansion screws (self-) fixed.
Note: The placement on uneven ground or relatively soft to use, will cause deformation of the use of turntable!
Check other parts of the connection, electrical wiring whether there is loose or fall off, fall off promptly fixed all the loose parts, wires.
7. Be sure to provide correct, stable and reliable fixed-power (non-use of temporary line). The electrical connection, the sensor leads connected by a corresponding line number, will power connector power pinout on the machine, the connection should pay attention to positive and negative motor direction is correct and make sure line of ground testing ground before any test machine. This is not the same as with the heat shrink machine.
8. Check winding machine other limited-bit switch, limit switch arm spacing block if there is indeed the location of damage and whether it can be used normally
9. Equipment before leaving the factory chain and the reducer has been lubricated or lubrication, run before you confirm.
10. Connected to power, sequential wrapping packaging machine electrical cabinet will be in the air switch, the operation control panel power switch to open the machine after power-on self test, in a standby mode, you can debug.